The RJG is back (again)

Hi everyone! Hope some of you are still out there?

I have a whole new batch of restaurants to report from Tarrant County. A couple of them are (gasp) actually new places that are all-the-rage. So let's blow the dust off this thing and get rolling. I plan to get started tomorrow.

To celebrate the new start, I redesigned the blog. I hope you enjoy it!


Michael Sellers said…
Still here! Looking forward to the new reviews! :)
RJG said…
Awesome - at least there's two of us!
Autumn Rose said…
We need to chat if you're eating Keller. Must.Have. FnG Eats. Call me.
RJG said…
Hi... yes, I know exactly where they are and driven by a few times. I shop at that Tom Thumb once in awhile. I've certainly read about them. What do you recommend from there?
Have you checked out the new 3 Parrots on Beach and Western Center?

RJG said…
Not yet - but I have it on my list of places to try. How about you?
Yeop. Stumbled by there the other night. Baja style, reminds me of Fuzzys. The shrimp taco was very good. Hot sauce was good as well.

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