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Continuing on with the RJG Restaurant week, today's post concerns a one Rodeo Goat. Mrs. RJG had her monthly Grand Jury duty to serve, so I was on my own for lunch on this mid-week day. In an act of solidarity, I felt that maybe I too should also venture down towards central Ft. Worth for the afternoon. A perfect scenario to try Rodeo Goat, a place that offers two of my favorite intake items: Burgers and Brew!

Rodeo Goat is the newest venture from some of the fine folks at Flying Saucer Draught Emporium and the Meddlesome Moth. From that, you probably already guessed that craft beer is going to play a major role in the Rodeo Goat concept. And indeed it does, with a specific focus on the burgeoning DFW microbrewery scene. They offer at least one beer from the following up and coming breweries: Four Corners (Dallas), Revolver (Granbury), Lakewood (Garland), Deep Ellum (Dallas) and Peticolas (Dallas), along with already established Texas brews from Rahr (local Ft. Worth), Real Ale, St. Arnold, Live Oak, and of course Spoetzl/Shiner. I suppose the only bummer is that they are, for now anyway, only going to offer two seasonals: One from Real and one from Rahr. I really do hope they consider more rotation than that. But otherwise, it's a very fine selection of beers on draft. They also carry an impressive array of craft beers in bottles and cans from around the US. Though nothing one can't find at a well stocked beer store.

While I'm giving top bill to the beers, the majority of the food community is buzzing about their burgers. And well they should. Rodeo Goat is the latest burger place to infuse the ingredients, rather than lay them on top after the patty is cooked. Infusion is a fancy term for mixing the ingredients into the burger before you cook it. It's a winning idea that adds new life to the hamburger market (we spoke of a similar concept with Yourway Burgers about a year ago). Well you already know that the RJG had to start with the Hot Bastard, a burger infused with chiles and spicy cheeses. And it truly was a corker on the Scoville scale. Definitely the best "hot" burger I can recall having. As such, I cannot wait to try some of their other highly interesting looking burgers such as the Terlingua, Salted Sow, and the one that has everyone talking: Caca Oaxaca (what a name!). And they cater to vegetarians as well, with at least one soy burger option. And there are salads too (one is vegetarian) and they appear to be much more than token items.

Another fine tradition that Rodeo Goat brought along is the idea of pretty waitresses and bartenders to serve the food. That's one concept I doubt I'll ever tire of!

I will be back as soon as possible, probably with Mrs. RJG along for the ride. Or maybe even Mr. Music if we can get the time. Both will really enjoy this place.
If you're anywhere near the Cultural District, and start building up a huge appetite after viewing all those classic oil paintings at the Kimbell, then by all means drop by for an infused burger and a pint or two of Texas craft beer!


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