Saturday, March 3, 2012

Billadelphia's is back! New Del Taco in NE Tarrant

Howdy everyone. As predicted earlier this year, work has finally put the RJG under. I haven't even been going out to eat for lunch, choosing to stay home with a sandwich, as I'm lucky to get 30 minutes away from the chaos. And we've only gone to a couple of regular favorites for dinner, but in general, have been grilling outside now that the weather has been so nice.

I'm now 6 entries behind, and Mr. Music says he has a stack to send in as well. So maybe we'll catch up eventually.

Anyway, here a couple of observations from the last two Saturday's.

Today, while driving up north on Davis, we saw that the new Billadelphia's is now open in North Richland Hills. We reported on this development late last year. Good news for Philly Cheesesteak fans! I'll need to swing by and update my post from 2008. I've updated the Urbanspoon entry and have asked for them to reopen the restaurant on the site.

Last Saturday, we were coming up Denton Hwy, and saw that a new Del Taco has opened in Watauga (in the old Sheridan's Frozen Custard spot - next to Fresco's). This is the second NE Tarrant location. We recently posted about the first one that opened in Hurst. It was the middle of the afternoon, and we both were ready for a snack. So we dropped in and had 3 tacos each. Excellent as always. And the place was packed, even at 3 in the afternoon.