RJG's most frequented NE Tarrant restaurants

As we have a break in the action, I thought it would be a good time to recap some of our most frequented places (not the same thing as listing our favorites). But first a few comments on how we got here.

If you follow this blog on a regular basis, you could come away with the impression that we only go out for our meals. We actually eat at home more, especially for dinner. Still, we do manage to get out on most days, usually for lunch. The main reason for this is that I work from home. In fact, I've been doing this for close to 13 years now. When I first started with this arrangement, I did what I think most folks would do in my shoes - eat at home for lunch. I'd give myself 15 minutes to gobble down a sandwich, and back to work I went. That's not a healthy way to live. And Mrs. RJG was working back then too (on location), so even if I did go out, it would be a lonely pursuit. In the last few years, I finally got smart and started scheduling lunch, and made sure no one plopped a meeting on top of it. That's one thing you learn when you have the privilege of working out of your house - everyone thinks they have access to you 24/7. So it's really up to you to put the boundaries up - just like going to an office. And now that Mrs. RJG is home with me - it's a great opportunity to sample the many restaurants in the area. We need to eat anyway, and lunch portions are more suitable to our diet. And usually the prices are more reasonable than at dinner. So we're taking advantage of the situation as much as possible. But since I am still working, I can't take too long for lunch, and so we try to focus solely on the NE Tarrant area.

As such, I definitely try to plan for a mix of places we love and restaurants we have only tried a couple of times, or are new to us. Just about everything is up for consideration with the exception of sushi (sorry folks, that's just not appealing to either of us).

So I thought I would list places we frequent at least once a month in NE Tarrant. There aren't that many, and even some of the restaurants we really like do not see us on a monthly basis. For example, I love Clown Burger, but only get there a couple of times a year.

This "routine", as it were, changes frequently. For example, if I put out a similar list back in October, you would have seen Fuzzy's Taco Shop and My New York Pizza. Now that's stopped. No particular reason - we still like them! Some, like Sea Siam , Anamia's and Bangkok, have remained on the list for 5 years and going!

The current list of most frequented (all are in the blog):

Sea Siam (Thai)
Bangkok Cuisine (Thai)
Everything German (German) NEW!
Anamia's (Mexican)
Abuelo's (Mexican)
Fresco's (Mexican) ehh - maybe once every 2 months. Love it though.
Funky Baja's (Taqueria/Fresh Mex)
Panchita's (Mexican) NEW!
Chapps Cafe (Hamburgers)
Yu's Gold-In (Chinese)

Some of the chains like Jersey Mike's and Whataburger will usually see us at least once in a two month period. Del Taco is a current favorite because it just opened locally. Palio's Pizza Cafe is starting to see us more and more, so maybe I'll add that in next time.

The one major food category that we just cannot settle on in NE Tarrant is Italian. We really like Oliva's and Italianni's and the many Eastern European run establishments we've posted about here (Cafe Italia, Cafe Sicilia, Oggi Italian, Niki's, etc...). But none are a clear favorite like Pietro's in Dallas (which we sadly only get to about once or twice a year).

And then there's the hypothetical's - as in the "What if such and such were here, I'd go all the time" debate. I think the big name for me would be Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. Certainly the Southlake Town Square would look better with one right?


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