Sunday, July 24, 2011

RJG update

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let everyone know we've been active on the eating front, but not doing much for the RJG blog unfortunately. I have been actively writing reviews for Urbanspoon, but they are all for restaurants outside of NE Tarrant County. Mainly for Denver, as we're in the summer place now (The RJG's Mom constantly reminds her son of how miserable the summer has been at home!). If curious, please visit my profile - and maybe gather an out of town suggestion! I'm trying to make a better effort at reviewing the places I visit. It's not always feasible, but we're making the effort.

However, I was on the cusp of publishing a Thai guide back in April, when we visited a new place in Keller called West of Asia to finish the expose. I wrote a somewhat scathing review in Urbanspoon, as I thought it was terrible quite frankly. The owner accused me of nefarious behavior, for which I flatly denied and subsequently schooled him on what the RJG - and Urbanspoon - are about. Two months later, West of Asia closed - which surprised no one, least of all myself. Still, I'd rather of not been even remotely involved with the result. The last thing we want to do here is put someone out of business. It's clear they had a poor business plan - and were not very good restauranteurs. However, I do hope they learned some valuable lessons here, and I do wish them the best for the future.

News: Freebirds comes to NE Tarrant

According to Bud Kennedy's excellent Eats Beat column, we learned that Freebirds is coming to Grapevine. Freebirds of course is the famous burrito place that originates from College Station. The RJG has been to the original Dallas location (upper Greenville), Addison and Far North Ft. Worth. The latter, it could be argued, is really in NE Tarrant (at least it is by my definition). Still, the Grapevine location is closer and more convenient for us and many others. Freebirds is an excellent alternative to Chipotle's and Qdoba (both of which we heartiy recommend as well) - and they have some fiery salsas to accompany any burrito you choose.