***CLOSED*** Best Tex Burger ~ North Richland Hills, Texas

Best Tex Burger is in the same Shell station that once housed a Billadelphia's** location, and if I recall right was originally a Chester Fried Chicken.

Best Tex Burger arrives with a feel-good story, that one has to admire. This is the American spirit at its finest.

Onto the food we go. Their website talks about a variety of gourmet burgers and a chicken sandwich option. However, they have recently reduced their menu significantly. All they now serve are hamburgers, cheeseburgers (with a double option on each) and fries. And that's it. As you all know, the RJG is very much in favor of the small menu. So my expectation was set to a high level, figuring that they only do one thing - so it will be awesome. I kept it simple and ordered a double cheeseburger and a small drink. The burger comes out with the condiments on the side and include fresh romaine lettuce, pickles, onion and tomato. They also bring a variety of sauces to put on your burger. But other than the usual suspects (mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup), there was only one that appeared unique - a chipotle mayonnaise if I'm not mistaken. So then.... was it the best burger? Absolutely not, I'm afraid to say. Was it good even? Sure, it was and I rated it a thumbs up on Urbanspoon. But the honest truth is the burger is too ordinary to get excited about. The meat was lightly seasoned, the standard bun was barely toasted. The chipotle mayonnaise was decent. Compared to places like Kincaid's or Chapps, Best Tex doesn't cut it (IMHO). Still, I would encourage you all to see for yourself. With the great story behind the restaurant, places like this deserve at least one chance. Maybe I'm just plain wrong? And I'm always up for a revisit if you all disagree. This would be one case I would like to be wrong. But for now, my opinion holds.

As an aside, technically the restaurant is know as Best Tex Burger, rather than Best Texas Burger (despite the website URL name). I did confirm that with the owner.

Last visit: December 2011


right down the street from my house in NRH. I can't wait.
RJG said…
Hi Cowboy Fan,

Yes - I'm most curious of your opinion here. Let me know if you think it's better than what I'm saying???

Also, I'd love to get your take on the Dr. Pepper Burger at Malli's (on Rufe Snow also in NRH). Check out my blog entry if you get a chance.

Happy New Year!


I have tried Best Tex Burger and your review was pretty much spot on. It was ok, but there are many better options close that I would choose first.

My original comment was about Billadelphia's, sorry.

I haven't tried the DP Burger, I will have to give it a shot.
Meal Cook said…
Hello, I have more information for your American spirit feel good story including an expanded menu that contains homemade all natural soups and salads...and new burgers that we hope will meet your expectations as "the best"? We do taste tests with our customers and the public and would like to invite you to participate so we can also share our story with you on things that are happening at Best Tex Burger. Please call me 214-770-3560 or email me at MealCookTX@gmail.com if questions and so we can hopefully coordinate your visit? Regards, Larry

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