Tres Casas Mexican Grill ~ Keller, Texas

In a small white house, nestled away in old town Keller, you can find the flavors of Old Mexico. About 3 years ago, Tres Casas took over the old Enriques place, spiffed it up just a little bit, and brought some recipes back from home. Tres Casas is not another Tex-Mex joint, but rather the cuisine of central and western Mexico, as you might find in Sonora or Jalisco. Mrs. RJG, who is from Sonora herself, noticed the similarities with the rice, beans, and shredded beef flautas - all highly recommended from her. For me, Tres Casas has the best al Pastor tacos I've had since my last visit to Puerto Vallarta (interesting to note that Al Pastor itself was brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants). And it would appear the restaurant knows they have something special here as they named the dish Tres Casas. Now I'll admit that I didn't see the spit (though it may be in the back), but however they make it, it's a very good facsimile.

We've been a few times, but only for lunch, and the plates are relatively small - which is fine by us. The chips are clearly homemade, and excellent tasting on their own. The salsa they bring out is of a chunky tomato variety, and is decent - but not great. Ask for the hotter one and out comes a delicious thick orange habanero sauce. The only other place I've had a salsa like this is at Fresco's in Watauga.

Despite the awesome hole-in-the-wall setting, Enriques was always disappointing to us, and I wasn't surprised to see them go. Tres Casas, on the other hand, is well worth the stop. It's one of the better homespun Mexican cafe's in NE Tarrant. And it's BYOB if you're so inclined.

You'll find Tres Casas on Hwy 377, just north of 1709 (Keller Parkway), on the east side of the road.


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