Cuco's Sandwich Shop ~ North Richland Hills, Texas

For over 20 years, Cuco's has been serving Cuban food to the citizens of NE Tarrant county. The RJG has always liked the Cuban sandwich: Roasted pork, ham, salami, cheese and mustard - then hot pressed. It's basically the same as a classic panini from Italy, though there are some minor differences which I won't get into here. I think the key to a great Cuban is the bread itself, so that it remains crispy, hot and tasty throughout the life of the meal. And Cuco's Cuban is outstanding, maybe one of the best I've ever had. Now to be fair, I've spent zero time in South Florida sampling Cuban sandwiches - but of the few I've had around the US, Cuco's scores well. Mrs. RJG had the same dish but with sweet plantain's on the side, which she said were delicious.

Cuco's is a quaint little deli, painted bright pink, with a few tables and serves breakfast (starting at 10) and lunch only (closed Sunday). They also sell specialized Latin American grocery products, so it operates on two levels. According to my database, we'd only been to Cuco's once - back in January of 2005. So nearly seven years later, we make our grand return. Obviously Cuco's is surviving without us and will continue to do so. Even though we live close to the northern reaches of North Richland Hills, Cuco's is on the southern side very close to Haltom City. It really underscores just how large the land mass is for NRH. It's quite a haul for us to just get a sandwich for lunch, which is the primary reason we haven't been back sooner. But that Cuban sandwich is great and we both would like to try some of their other pressed selections. We're going to make an effort to come back more often. If you live nearby, consider yourself lucky, and be sure to stop on by!

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Tony Drago said…
This is a GREAT place to eat !!
The Roast pork, fried bananas, rice & beans, Congris (mixed rice & black beans), fried plaintains (tostones) are to die for! This isn't your grandmas roast pork (unless your grandma was cuban)...No bland food here. It's all about FLAVOR! Never tried a "Cuban Sandwich", you are missing a great sandwich. It's a meal unto itself. Don't forget to try the Budin(bread pudding) or flan (caramel custard). My wife & I eat there regularly and friends taken along are always converted into "Cucos" fans! Try it and so will you. Just my .02 cents. Tony
Anonymous said…
Used my Groupon yesterday, Very disappointing, I can only assume we just had bad timing it was 2:30 and they close at 3pm. They cashier was Very slow,I got the roast pork plate, my portion of meat was small it was a joke, the meat was seasoned well but dry. Hated that I wasted the time and gas to go over there. won't go back

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