Thursday, March 4, 2010

Schlotzsky's, Sandwiches, Southlake-TX

Last visit: November 2014

Rating: Buy

Schlotzsky's is a well known sandwich chain that started in Austin circa 1971 and has grown exponentially to include 35 states and four foreign countries. But by far their largest presence remains in Texas. 

# of NE Tarrant locations: 8

January 2014 update: Interestingly enough, I probably get more meals from here than anywhere else. Mainly it's due to their proximity to where we live, and since I predominantly work from home, I sometimes need a fast lunch between the endless meetings. I typically go through their Drive-Thru, order an Original Deluxe, come home, and re-toast the sandwich. Perfectly crispy every time. And very filling, but not overly fattening.

Original review

Being relatively close in proximity to Austin, Dallas was an early expansion city for the then small chain, and so I first enjoyed them at their Northwest Dallas location in the early 1980s while still in high school. And they followed me to my college years in Lubbock throughout the middle 80s. And now today, we'll still stop by on occasion and enjoy the "Original" on jalapeno cheese bread. Mr. RJG prefers the "Original Deluxe" because he's a pig who enjoys extra meat. What makes Schlotzsky's so good is their bread, and the toasted concept. Long before Quizno's came around, Schlotzsky's was burning (ok, toasting) great tasting sandwiches through the conveyor belt oven.

Schlotzsky's is one of those chains one tends to miss if you don't live near one. We've been fortunate that in both Texas and Colorado, they are well represented. But it's not something we take for granted, and they would be sorely missed if suddenly they were shut down due to something like bankruptcy. If you haven't been for awhile (or ever), support your local franchiser and give it a shot!


For Urbanspoon purposes, I'll only include the Southlake location, as that's the one we frequent the most.

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