Mooyah Burgers ~ Southlake, Texas

January 2015 update: We've seen Mooyah go from a local DFW chain to one with stores all over the US, Canada, and now the Middle East!

January 2014 update: An interesting development since my last visit in October: They changed their core product. Mooyah had the 2 patty system, similar to 5 Guys, and now they've gone to a larger single patty, perhaps like Kincaids. That's an odd move for a chain that seems to be doing well (if total locations are an indication). But it also signals there's trouble on the horizon (why change what makes you successful? Images of New Coke come flashing by). To be honest, if Mooyah wasn't so close to where we reside, I'd probably list as Hold. But there are days I don't have but 20-25 minutes for lunch, and Mooyah is one of only a few options for me, if there's nothing compelling in the fridge. Oh, I just noticed they shut the Euless location down too. Along with Watauga, that's two from NE Tarrant that didn't make it in the last couple of years.

March 2013 update: I just recently found out they closed the Watauga store. That's a bummer, since that was my first experience with the chain. My guess is the closing was caused due to a combo of two things: Too much saturation of their own brand. Having stores in Euless, Colleyville, NRH, and Southlake most assuredly ate up their customer base. Plus new outside competition including the popular Smashburger. Our nearest store is the Southlake one, which is very close to the RJG's cow pasture, with Colleyville next. Their shakes are from a machine, rather than homemade, but I still like them.

October 2011 update: I first featured Mooyah in a 2009 Burger update, and figured I should give the chain its own page. Even only two years ago, Mooyah was mainly a DFW chain, but they're rapidly expanding - and apparently there are franchisers ready to open stores coast to coast. One has to figure Mooyah is a play of words on the famous Jim Cramer Booyah cheer when he's high on a stock. Looks like they ditched the Vegan Schmegan line as they try to appeal to a larger clientele. I've been to the Watauga, Southlake and Frisco (which Urbanspoon had listed in the Dallas Park Cities area - crazy! It's fixed now) locations.

Original review

I think the founders of Mooyah saw what Five Guys was doing in Washington DC (and their subsequent expansion), and said "Hey, we can do that!". And do that they have. Plano based Mooyah is growing fast, though still sticking to the DFW and Houston areas. I love their slogan: "VEGAN, SCHMEGAN". Followed by: "People ask us, "What's Mooyah?" We answer: Mooyah is Just burgers. Just fries. Just better. That's it. We want to make the best burger you've ever tasted. Period." Hey - that's the In-N-Out Burger way! Then they talk about the Bun to Meat ratio. These folks are great. Love it, love it, love it. And the burger taste? Excellent. Fries? Excellent. We'll be regular visitors for a long time.


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