Kenny's Wood Fired Grill ~ Addison, Texas

Just as soon as I mention that I Fratelli's has become our go to spot for business, here I am at Kenny's for just that reason. One of our partners was in town, and since he was already in Addison visiting the mothership, we just agreed to meet him there. The RJG once lived in Addison from 1988 to 1991, and later I had an office nearby from 2003-2004. So I'm always glad to drive over to my old stompin' grounds. Nowadays I doubt I get there more than 3 times a year. It's always been a hotbed of activity, primarily because they were the only suburb in the area to have modern alcohol laws. The others are finally catching up.

We started the evening with beers and appetizers over at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium , one of the RJG's favorite watering holes. I've been debating this for some time, but I think I'll have a end of month roundup on the beers I try. For the last 5 years, I've been on a mission to try as many beers as possible. Anyway, after downing a couple of draughts and a yummy soft pretzel with sausage, we got back on Beltline across the Dallas North Tollway to Kenny's Wood Fired Grill. If you are going that same route, Kenny's is on your left (south side) in a newer strip mall.

According to their website, Kenny's describes themselves as a "1940’s Chicago style chophouse with a classy, relaxed and warm atmosphere featuring the finest wood grilled seafood and meats." That sold me on the place, and it is indeed true. A perfect spot for a business dinner. There's no detail on the web page, but based on what I read in the newspaper review clippings that were hanging on the walls, I get the impression Kenny was heavily involved with the Rockfish Seafood restaurant (A Brinker owned chain - and very good in its own right).

Typically when I go to a "Steak and Seafood" place, I tend to opt for the latter. I'll be honest here, but rarely have I gone to a steakhouse where the steak was any better than what I grill at home. And you haven't lived until you've had an RJG habanero steak! Don't get me wrong, I do like the steaks they have at these high end places - but if they do also specialize in seafood - then that's what I'm going for. And given the Rockfish pedigree, I felt it necessary to go that route. I had the New England Style Baked Stuffed Fish which they describe as "Ritz cracker, crab, shrimp, scallops, tilapia, lemon butter". It was indeed excellent, just as it sounds - a mix of various fishes with the cracker mix. The RJG and wife just returned a month ago from a vacation to New England, and had plenty of meals very similar (Legal Seafood anybody?). My business associate had the meatloaf, made with filet mignon. And our business partner went for the Chilean Sea Bass - which is his staple dish for places like this. For starters they have a wonderful flaky and puffy pastry - hot out of the oven and tastes great with butter (as is usually the case right?). We all left Kenny's fat and happy...

Typically there is a wait, so you may want to call ahead with a reservation. We didn't, arrived at around 7:00 and waited only 15 minutes.

Apparently he also runs an Italian place as well as a burger joint. We'll need to try those someday too!


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