Tuesday, March 1, 2011

News: Qdoba comes to NE Tarrant

Finally, the other Denver-based burrito chain comes to NE Tarrant. Qboda is opening in Southlake at the old San Francisco Oven (and prior to that, Cheeburger Cheeburger) location. Qdoba is my favorite of the Big 3 Burrito chains (the others being Chipotle and Baja Fresh) that proliferated throughout the nation the last 2 decades. I love their fiery habanero sauce and ground sirloin. Hopefully Baja Fresh will consider coming back too, as the closest one to us now is in Las Colinas.

I know I've been way too silent here (though we continue to eat out quite often). I've been debating on what's the best way to serve the readers, and I think I'm going to put together restaurant guides to NE Tarrant in various food categories. That should be coming soon! The wife and I are closer than ever to committing to the NE Tarrant area full time, after flirting with moving back to Colorado (we still have the summer place there, but we may sell it this year).

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