***CLOSED*** Antonio's Mexican Restaurant & Bar ~ North Richland Hills, Texas

As you can see from the below, we've covered Antonio's already. We've vacillated back and forth on our opinion about this establishment. We've even gone so far as to state Antonio's is the #1 best Mexican in NE Tarrant. But times change, as do opinions, and Antonio's has fallen from the top spot (Anamia's in Southlake is the current owner). However, it's still a favorite, though maybe not the favorite. I've taken the liberty to rewrite many sections of the original review, based on recent trips. On this visit, I tried the baby chimichangas with ground beef. The queso topping is declicious as was the perfectly textured rice. The charro beans (which, as usual, I substituted the refried beans for) were a bit too soupy and "bean-like", lacking the yummy bacon flavor I crave - even though there were bits of bacon in the dish. The ground beef was servicable but ultimately lacking in rich flavors. The wife went for the tilapia, served in a tin foil bag, with loads of veggies and peppers on top. While the toppings were great, the tilapia itself lacked seasoning. Even still, she walked away happy with the dish. The margaritas were uniformly strong and excellent tasting (mine frozen, hers on ice). And for starters, the salsa comes out very hot (temperature), like it had just been cooked. And the hot sauce has a nice spice kick to it, while preserving a wonderful chile and garlic flavor. Perhaps even better, is the "Diablo" sauce, which they now serve in a ketchup dispenser. Great taste, seriously spicy.

If I could make a recommendation to the owners of Antonio's: GET RID OF THE SMOKING! They have a bar section that is not separated from the main dining area. The place smells like an old bowling alley, right from the moment you walk in. Clean the smell up and say Non-Smoking like just about everyone else in today's world. Look, I'm sympathetic to smokers (my Dad pretty much had a ciggy in his mouth until his last breath) - but the fact remains, it stinks. Save it for the pure bars and clubs - and leave it out of the restaurants. It does effect the popularity of a restaurant, and there's no way it helps Antonio's in any shape or form.

(Much of the original review has been snipped - here's what's left).... The enchiladas come with a variety of sauces, which you can choose, including one that is designed to blow your head off (always a temptation for Mr. RJG). It's a nice chile d'arbol, and isn't really too hot for those who are already indoctrinated into the fine arts academy for pepper heads.

Originally there was a Las Lomas in this location, which was also quite good, though we think Antonio's raised the bar.

Despite what may appear to be a typical dreary strip mall restaurant, the interior competes with some of the more suave eateries in the area like Anamia's and El Paseo. Dark mood lighting, and a full bar with flat screen televisions define the interior.

Antonio's is on Bedford-Euless Rd. along a "nightmare's row" of boring chain eateries (with a couple of exceptions) that dot I-820 near Davis and Hwy 26. As the crow flies, it's right across the "street" from Northeast Mall in Hurst. That street is the interstate.

Last visit: August 2012


Francis Shivone said…
I still like Mi Cocina, downtown, outside if you can. Unless you want to drink then it is ridiculously expensive. We have been getting the 2-fer fajitas on Wednesday at Pappasitos -- To-Go. It's delicious and it's at least two dinners for the two of us. As far as family run operations I think Benito's has as good a pork taco as any I have had. Honestly, most of the new restaurants I try I am disappointed in. I will be going to Antonios per your suggestion and I need to try Salsa Fuego. The best Mexican meal I have ever eaten was in mainland Mexico 35 years ago. It was in a friend's home and the main course was chicken mole. I still think about it.
RJG said…
Sometimes the best meals are a unique family recipe, that we are lucky to stumble upon. That's a great comment about how you "still think about it". What a wonderful meal it must have been!

I'm not quite as keen on Mi Cocina, but we've only been to the Southlake and Las Colinas locations. They're owned by the M Crowd corporation, and they tend to suffer from inconsistencies. But sometimes it's one or two dishes that can make all the difference.

Interestingly enough our all-time favorite Mexican restaurant is in Nampa, Idaho, and we hope to visit this summer for the first time in 8 years!

Thanks for the comments Francis, as always!
Jeff said…
You ought to try Baja Mexican Grill. They have locations in Keller, Southlake, and Grapevine. I've only tried Keller and Grapvevine and the food is great at both. My wife loves the Brisket Tacos. I often go for the Guacamole Enchiladas. They have the best Margaritas in town!
Anonymous said…
Antonio's has the best margarita's! Not acidic, very smooth and one will do you! First time I was there they told me to drink it slow, and later I realized why. With the smoothness you dont realize the whallop. They have a nice happy hour which is very reasonable.
I have asked the owner if he is familiar with Sopa de Tarasca and he is...the only one in the area that knew the dish. Sadly it is not on the menu but I hope to see it there one day or convince him to make me some on the side! I have always enjoyed their food but I do prefer texmex hot sauce such as El Chico's serves. Antonio's sauce is more like I ate in Mexico so this is just a personal preference. I dont get there often but would recommend Antonio's for food and frozen margarita.

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