***CLOSED*** Yu's Gold-In ~ Keller, Texas

December 2017 update: Yu's Gold-In is now closed and is Pho-In-The-Box Vietnamese (and comes recommended as well).

As mentioned in the September entry, it had been my goal to group similar restaurants for a more comprehensive and useful post. But when it comes to Chinese food in NE Tarrant, we've only found one we like to date - and we really like it - and that would be Yu's Gold-In.

While we certainly haven't been to them all, we have tried many Chinese joints in NE Tarrant including: Golden China (Southlake), Hong Kong Express (Keller & North Richland Hills), New China (Watauga), Pearl (Grapevine), Ying Cafe (Watauga), Bo Bo China (Grapevine) and Szechuan (Hurst). Most are pretty good, with the nod going to Bo Bo China as the best of that lot. But none inspire us to make a special trip, nor have I written about any of them in this blog. Yu's is the clear leader to date.

You won't find the name "Yu's" on the outside, just "Gold-In". From what I can gather, Gold-In was once a small hamburger joint, that eventually evolved into a Chinese restaurant. When I first located the restaurant on Urbanspoon, it was listed as Betty's Gold-In and I later made the correction for them. You may recall our reference to this restaurant in the Little Joe's Pizza post (which is now closed), where we stated "Behind an ancient combo gas station/Chinese restaurant (and, yep, the two sure do go together), is another strip mall, that looks like an afterthought of planning." This is that Chinese restaurant.

Even though Yu's isn't really that close to where we live, we always get the food To-Go. And that's because by the time we get it home, the food is merely blazing hot. Apparently Yu's cooks on the surface of the sun. Most places don't serve the food this hot right out of the kitchen, much less after a long drive home. And what does Mr. RJG like to get? Chicken fried rice. As basic a dish as they come, and yet few do it right. Not only does Yu's nail it, but they may have the best fried rice I've ever had. It's a more seasoned mix, and I believe it's the Szechuan way of making it. And what a bargain - the portion is easily two full dinners PLUS they throw in a skewer of barbecue chicken just because they feel like it. Their wonton soup is of the beef broth variety, with big chunks of pork - and is also outstanding. Mrs. RJG has tried other items on the menu, generally of the vegetable variety, and they've all proven to be worthy.

Absolutely recommended. A classic Regular Joe's Guide kind of place - in both atmosphere and taste!

Last visit: November 2016


Anonymous said…
Such a great recommendation. I would have never found this place. It is awesome! I go orange chicken with fried rice (lunch portion). It easily gets me through two days of lunch.
RJG said…
I agree - glad you liked it!
I used to go there back in '94 or '95. I was working on some OS/2 stuff at Keller ISD. Great back then. Glad to know it is still around and doing well.

Have you tried Hunan Wok on Rufe Snow and 820? Not really a take-out place, but good stuff.
RJG said…
Thanks Cowboy fan for the recommendation on Hunan Wok. The Mrs. and I would definitely like to find a good sit down Chinese restaurant in the area, so we'll for certain give it a try.
xx said…
I remember so well when this was Gold-in Buger. It was a favorite of my family's. Good memories.

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