***CLOSED*** Fat Daddy's Burger House ~ Southlake, Texas

Recently I tried another Dallas based popular place called Fat Daddy's Burger House in Southlake. Well, it's... pretty good. I mean it would be wholly unfair to say I didn't like it, because it's certainly decent. But when compared with many other burger choices in NE Tarrant, many featured on these very pages, then Fat Daddy's falls short. Better to spend your dough at Johnny B's, Molly's, Five Guys, Freddy's, Chapps, Snuffer's, plus the ones mentioned in this post alone. Fat Daddy's compares closest to Fuddruckers (they cook the burger and you dress it at the fixins bar), and frankly Fuddruckers is better at this racket as well. Free soft serve is a nice touch though. I'm afraid Fat Daddy's gets squeezed out in the highly competitive burger market. They need something to separate themselves - like a better tasting burger to start.

Last visit: November 2009


Jason Hammer said…
If you are going to review burgers in Watauga, don't forget OC Burgers.
RJG said…
Hi Jason,

They're on the list to revisit actually. I went to OC Burgers once about 2 years ago, shortly after the demise of Gianni's pizza. But wanted another taste before writing about it. It will almost assuredly be in the next Burger update.

Thanks for the comment.
Francis Shivone said…
Great suggestions. I also like the Whataburger. I haven't had a breakfast burrito in years but at one time they were as good as you could get for a buck. I look forward to trying some of the others as I can.
kallisllc said…
I'm honored that you have added Tex's Star Grill to your long list of restaurants reviewed.
You're right, we missed out on the name game. When I moved to this great state from Chicago, my buddies back home gave me the nickname Tex - and it stuck. Oh well...we're just glad that our customers have done a super job of spreading the word on what we are all about.
Thank You for visiting.
RJG said…
Thanks Tex and Francis for your comments!

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