Gutierrez Cocina ~ Hays, Kansas

Over at Urbanspoon, I wish they offered a middle grade between "I like it" and "I don't like it". Judging from the relatively low score for Gutierrez, I'm thinking most of the "don't" votes may be more towards the middle. That's where we sit.

This is fairly bland, safe, Mexican food.Gutierrez makes a big deal out of not being a chain. I think they do that because they ACT like a chain. Give us some spicy options! Put tequila in the margarita for crying out loud! But to say we didn't like it isn't fair either, as their basic salsa's are tasty - one containing that smooth texture that the Kansas taco chains are known for. The ground beef was heavily seasoned, though not overly tasty. The chicken is all white meat, and prepared very well.

Hays is a great place to stop on the long journey to and from our other home in Denver on I-70. But I would recommend Taco Grande over Gutierrez. Next time, though, we're trying the brew pub! (11/22/09 note: And we did - it's excellent!)

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Mario Gutierrez said…
Dear Regular Joe,
Lots of things have changed at Gutierrez Cocina Mexicana, Our Food, Our Atmosphere, Our Service & Our Hearts!
Since 1984, We value every experience and how our customers feel, knowing that the "Taste of Gutierrez" is our style of mexican food with base recipes coming from my grandmother!
I'd be honored to serve you!
RJG said…
Thanks for your comment Mario! If I'm in Hays again, I will certainly stop by for a meal.

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