City Pub ~ Denver, Colorado

Ah, the neighborhood tavern. A relic from a bygone era, when one would stop by after a hard day of work and share a brew or two with old friends before heading to the chaos of home. The tavern's death knell were the sprawling suburbs, where driving distances to and fro work were long and time consuming. Drinking and driving laws became more strict, and the suburbs were rarely served by public transportation. My uncle, who lived in the inner burbs of Seattle, loved taverns. He knew them all within a 5 mile radius, what beers they served, the bar flys, the food, the waitresses, the bartenders and the patrons. It gave him a reason to live. When he died a couple of years ago, they were all gone and bulldozed - had to make room for one more Olive Garden, a Home Depot and a Starbucks.

And with that, City Pub is a welcome sight indeed. It's a throwback to another age. A dark, perhaps unwelcoming place - at least for newcomers. But once in the door, it seems oddly familiar. It's part of the neighborhood. And, maybe best of all, City Pub is a new addition to this southeast Denver area, an extension of the already established City Grille, which resides near downtown - the one area where places like this can still survive. And if you do decide to drown your daily sorrows, it's less than a 15 minute walk to the Dayton Light Rail station. The RJG loves public transportation - it brings the community back together.

All this is fine and dandy, but if the food doesn't hold up, then it's just another dive bar that will see its demise soon. Fortunately City Pub puts a strong emphasis on the quality of their product. They boldly proclaim "Best Burgers in Town" on the sign out front, and you know what, they may have a case here. The steakburgers, with an array of cheese choices, are delicious. Heavily seasoned to penetrate the quality ground beef. Fries are good, if perhaps not exceptional. Maybe best of all is the green chile, an award winning concoction that has exceptional flavor and a little kick to it. City Pub offers many other dishes, of which the RJG is excited to try in the future. Especially appealing is the Wednesday night special of spaghetti and sausage. We'll be there.

Keep the neighborhood concept alive, forgo the national chains, and support your local independent.

City Pub is on Yosemite, just south of Hampden, on the west side of the road.


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