Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thai Riverside ~ Grapevine, Texas

July 2014 update: Welcome back Thai Riverside! They are now on their 4th owner (including Thai Rice as mentioned below), and dare I say this is the finest yet. It had been 3 years since we last visited Thai Riverside, and we we very impressed. They understand terms like "Thai style", which surprisingly not all, or even most, Thai restaurants seem to get. We'll be adding this back to our "Thai rotation" which also includes Sea Siam (Keller), Bangkok Cuisine (Haltom City), and Sweet Basil (Hurst).

Original review

We first started frequenting Thai Riverside when the place was known as Thai Rice, sometime in the 2003-2004 era. New ownership brought improvements including an interior spruce-up, an upgraded menu and new flavors. On this visit, our first in nearly two years, we learned that Thai Riverside again has changed owners. Not so many alterations this time around, exceptions being a new menu and a handful of new recipes, though the owner assured us that most everything was "the same".

That's unfortunate, since as you may have gathered from the "first visit in two years" comment, Thai Riverside isn't one of NE Tarrant's finest. Nor is it near the bottom either but somewhere in the middle. That is to say, Thai Riverside is a "serviceable" Thai restaurant.

On this visit we sampled the Chicken Satay for an appetizer, and for entrees we had the Cashew Chicken and Chicken Basil. All of it was good, not nothing captured the imagination.

Thai Riverside is in an area that has a dearth of Thai restaurants, and is the best offering for miles around. Much better than the overpriced and overexotic Thai Chili in the nearby Southlake Town Square. If you live in the area, and have the means, I'd suggest driving to Sea Siam in Keller or Sweet Basil in Hurst. But if pressed for time, and craving Thai food, I would more than recommend Thai Riverside for to-go orders. And the interior is pleasantly decorated with mood lighting, to ensure a nice dining experience as well.

Thai Riverside is located on Northwest Highway, just east of TX-114. It's buried in a strip center (on the Park Blvd street side). BTW, the Google Map is wrong, and has Thai Riverside way east closer to the Gaylord. Just take TX-114 to Southlake Blvd/Wall. Go straight through the light, and make a right at the next light (Northwest Highway). Make a left at the first light (Park) and left into the shopping center.


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EW Zeller said...

I've been to all the Thai restaurants you mention, but I think you missed the best one in the area: Quick Thai at Hall Johnson & 26 in Colleyville.

RJG said...

Really? Funny how tastes can be so different. Now it's been a loooong time since we tried Quick Thai (3-4 years?), but both the wife and I were beyond disappointed. I mean, nothing went right. Poor service. Bland food, not even close to spicy despite trying to explain my "quals" as it were.

Maybe it's changed owners? Or they learned from past mistakes? It's certainly possible, and we've seen that before.

Since you recommended it (and you're involved with the DTS - my Dad had some friends from there) - we'll try it again!