***CLOSED*** Nipa's Kitchen ~ Haltom City, Texas

Now this is a hole in the wall. The real deal. A Regular Joe's Guide special if there ever was one. In a dilapidated old strip center, sits the not so quaint Nipa's. Not a romantic date restaurant that's for sure. But certainly one of the best Thai restaurants in the area, second to only Bangkok Cuisine for Haltom City.

That's right, exactly the type of place to grab a quick lunch. With prices to match the ambiance. The savings definitely go into the cooking. Even for folks on hard times, Nipa's Kitchen is about as cheap as making your own food from the grocery store. I doubt I need to mention it's BYOB. And portions are just right, not the massive amounts we've come to expect.

We've tried both the stir fried basil chicken and the spicy fried rice, both utterly delicious. And very spicy, just as we asked for. No going through the "you really want it that spicy?" ritual that grows so tiresome. Fine - you want it hot, go for it they say. Besides, not too many yuppies who don't know any better would find this place on any account.

They also run the Magic Springroll Thai restaurant in Watauga, which matches the ambiance, if not the food quality.

For those that are still with me, presumably most of my regular readers, you'll find Nipa's Kitchen on Broadway, west of Haltom and east of Beach.

Cash only (duh).

Last visit: April 2009


Dave said…
Nipa's is my FAVORITE Thai restaurant EVER. Ask for the Pork Pad Kaprow, Thai Style with 2 Eggs, and some of the pepper fish sauce after you have had a chance to cut and blend everything into one pile of deliciousness. Eat with spoon. You won't be sorry.
Anonymous said…
My favorite Thai dish is the Tom Kha Gai. The best Tom Kha Gai in my opinion is at Magic Springroll. I tried Sea Siam and it just wasn't the same. It tasted fine, but didn't have that spicy oil on top and did not have any raw Cilantro or basil on top. You eat with your eyes first you know. I have been to Nipa's, but years ago. I had the Beef Salad and it was delicious. I did not know the same people run Magic Springroll. I enjoy your blog. Thanks.

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