Burger Box ~ Richland Hills, Texas

The Burger Box is one of those local/regional chains that have no web presence, no continuity and seemingly no Raison d'être. They could be a front for illegal arms dealings to Iran for all I know. I suppose I could inquire about a franchise, but would guys in trench coats start following me?

But exist they do - and from what I can gather, they have a multitude of locations on this side of the Great Divide (DFW airport). A non substantiated survey displays four NE Tarrant locations: North Richland Hills, Richland Hills, Bedford and Euless. I've been only to the Richland Hills location, conveniently located near Northeast Mall (on Glenview/Pipeline, other side of the 121/820 bridge). I'm no regular visitor, probably only been a handful of times since we moved here in 2003. My handy database shows my last visit, prior to yesterdays, as January of 2005. But I should go here more often. Because it's a good hamburger. A DARN good hamburger actually.

These are fry cook burgers, nicely seasoned, with fresh lettuce, toasty bun and lots of gooey cheese. It's a fast food hamburger, no doubt. I'm most reminded of Griff's actually, another floating chain without an anchor. I didn't get the fries this go round, the Mrs. is out of town and I prefer to eat only a few of them, and don't remember what they're like. I'm guessing very good. They also serve Blue Bell Ice Cream, and make hand scooped shakes. I also noticed they have crunchy tacos. That's a throwback to another era. I need to try those next time!

Most Burger Box's look like renovated old Dairy Queens, an example of urban renewal done the right way. They're painted in a garish red and white checkered pattern, that I find highly appealing in a retro sort of way. They even have black and white photos of old movie stars lining the walls. None are signed of course, ala the old style Italian restaurants, but someone did their research here.

I just added this location to Urbanspoon, but many of their others were listed already.

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Anonymous said…
Thank you for your post. I just moved over by this one and my husband has been wanting to try it. Due to your review I will give it a shot! Thanks.
Anonymous said…
The fries are of the frozen, crinkle cut variety. I've been a Burger Box go-er for damn near twenty years now. Yes, it is greatness, but their fries aren't their strong suit. It's definitely the burger, or more specifically the number 2 with chili.

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