Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The iPhone & Urbanspoon

At the beginning of the year, my company issued me an iPhone. Truth be told I'm not really a gadget geek, despite possessing a Computer Engineering degree and that the early part of my career was dedicated to developing technology. In fact, a few years ago my former company sent me a Sprint Pocket PC. What a brick that thing was. In the end, all I ever used it for was to make phone calls presuming it didn't run out of batteries before the end of the one call I could squeeze in between recharges. So when I switched jobs, I just accepted the simplest of cell phones. The kind that have teenagers looking down at you with disapproval. I was behind the times and loving it.

But my boss persuaded me that the iPhone was different. It is, in his words, the "killer app". And after 4 months of use, I can only agree. Its web functions alone make it worthwhile for me. And until now, I hadn't really explored the vast array of applications at my disposal. I still haven't really (believe it or not, I actually use the thing 100% for WORK - imagine that?)

Still, in the back of my mind, I wanted to somehow tie my blog to the iPhone. More and more people will use their iPhone to determine what's a cool place to eat while out of town, or even in town. So I figured I'd look at the most popular free application on the iPhone that recommends restaurants. The answer? Urbanspoon.

I'd run into Urbanspoon multiple times when Googling places while doing my own research. I've noticed over time that its place in Search Engines continues to rise. And now I know why. It's the application most folks on iPhone are using. It's not the only one, but I decided to go with the most popular and stick with it. For now at least.

I starting adding Urbanspoon links on Saturday, and I was alerted today that they are now showing up on the site itself. So I plan on gradually adding more links with my revisits and all new(er) entries.

My Urbanspoon profile is here: http://www.urbanspoon.com/u/profile/271155/RJG.html

Anyone who can guess what that picture comes from will certainly surprise me!


Francis Shivone said...

I have wondered if it would be as useful for us older guys as the kids find it. My son lives on his.

It seems like yesterday that I plugged in my first 1200 baud modem . . . 1984-5??

And thanks for the Urbanspoon connection.

BTW, I hear there's a Five Guys in Southlake. I'm still back and forth to Philly so haven't been over there.

RJG said...

Yep - there's a writeup of the Southlake Five Guys somewhere on this blog. I was thrilled, having always made a point to stop at one while on business in the DC area.

Speaking of Philly, I'm in Denver today, and ate at Pat's steaks for lunch! They have a second location here. Strange... It was really good though! Despite the fact that I ordered it wiz wit and he asked later if I'd like onions with that. D'oh!

I know, didn't even sign-on to the internet until 1994. Now it seems I'd be lost without it.

Francis Shivone said...

Pat's is one of those places that has a life of its own, regardless of the sandwich, which is not bad, but there are better . . .

Next time in Philly -- try Tony Lukes -- south Philly, Michigan Ave., I think.

My son and I hit 5Guys here once a week.

RJG said...

Great! I'll definitely try Tony Lukes next time I'm there. I'm never sure which one to go to - even though Holly Eats has lots of good suggestions. I did like Geno's quite a bit - though I'm guessing it's more touristy than for its own good.