Flip's Patio Grill ~ Grapevine, Texas

Last visit: June 2017
Last update: December 28, 2017

Been ages since we revisited Flip's, but we did so this past summer. Mrs. RJG claims there was a smell in the restaurant, like an overpowering cleaning agent. That's the death knell for her. Honestly I barely smelled it and enjoyed my experience. But do we go back? Well I would, sure why not. Like many establishments of this sort, they've picked up on the craft beer movement and have decent selection of microbrews to enjoy.

If you're a weary traveler staying near DFW airport, there's a good chance that you'll find yourself tempted to dine on the TX-114 corridor in Grapevine (may we suggest Tolbert's instead for a more "local" experience?). The Main Street and William B Tate exits are a shrine to corporate eateries, many of them publicly traded on the stock exchanges back in NEW YORK CITY (get a rope). Other than the Dallas based Tex-Mex institution known as El Fenix (and probably its worst location at that), the majority of your choices are places you've seen in Anytown, Anystate.

The only exception to this, at least for restaurants you can actually see from the highway itself, is Flip's Patio Grill, the lone locally owned restaurant in the area. It wasn't always that way, as Flip's was once a thriving Tony Roma's - a place that seemed to fit perfectly with the locale.

Flip's has a pretty good reputation for having one of the best burgers around. But readers of the RJG aren't likely to be impressed if they've ventured to some of our local recommendations including Kincaid's, Johnny B's (both close enough to TX-114 to at least give them a try instead), Molly's (RIP), Freddy's, Five Guys, etc... Still, that doesn't mean Flip's isn't worth trying, and for what they attempt to do, they end up being quite adept. Like many sports bars, their menu has as many choices as the screens have games, so it can be a bit daunting on what to get. Locals swear by the blue cheese burger, and to be fair, the RJG has never acquired a taste for this most moldy of all cheeses.

So if I'm stranded at the local Hampton Inn, and I want a cold one and a big juicy burger to go with my game of choice, then Flip's would most certainly meet that need. We've only been a couple of times, and we haven't even begun to dig into the vast array of choices on the menu, so it's a bit unfair to state that Flip's doesn't have anything special or unique to recommend. We like it, but we don't love it, get it?

Since publishing this post, they've opened a second location off of Western Center and I-35W in Fort Worth.

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Anonymous said…
I would not recommend Flips in Grapevine due to it's service and management. The first time I went there was when the Cowboys practice facility fell, and we asked to have one of the multiple TVs in our near-empty section tuned to the news coverage of it. The manager let us know through our server they were a sports bar not a news bar...and there I thought the Cowboys were sports. Guess the owners/managers are from up north. This was annoying but not a deal breaker. My next trip there was. My family and I went to eat there prior to a movie, and had planned our eating time around it. When we got our checks and gave our credit cards to pay, the staff there lost my brother's credit card. The server said they were looking for it, and they clearly were, but their attitude was like we put THEM out by what they did. It took so long (25 minutes) for them to find my brother's credit card (they had thrown it away and had to dig through the trash to find it) that we had to go to another theater to watch our movie. The manager looked at us a few times (the same "Cowboys aren't sports" manager, by the way), but at no point did he EVER apologize or even pretend to. There was no, "we took your appetizer off your bill", no free coupon for next time...nothing. Their service is atrocious because their manager is atrocious, there has never been a better example of "speed of the leader, speed of the team". Food was very good, but the people there were so poor, we'll never go back.

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