***CLOSED*** Anthony's Place ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Having lived in Colorado for 10 years, the wife and I became spoiled with the abundance of Mexican food that thrived in the area. But you say "We have plenty of Mexican dining options in DFW too - there's practically one on every corner!" Ah, so true, but how many of them have cooked in the fine art of New Mexican food? You can count them on less than one hand.

When we say New Mexican, we do not mean Nuevo Mexican, but rather the type of food that is worshiped in the great state of New Mexico. Any trip to Santa Fe or Albuquerque is not complete until you've devoured a spicy green enchilada.

New Mexican food is all about the shrine to the Great Green Chile that rules the arid plains. That stimulating and torrid fruit that is grown in great numbers throughout the state. Google green chile (as spelled) and see what you get - go on do it. Keyword: New Mexico. Pilgrimages are made to acquire the best chiles around. And many are spicy, almost ridiculously so. And that alone is enough to have the RJG's tongue wagging. For those of you reading this, that have been fortunate enough to have an enchilada verde in Santa Fe, I bet your mouth has a tingling sensation right about now. Maybe a bead of sweat just formed on the forehead. Right?

And here we are in Texas, a state that makes up NM's Eastern border, and what do we have to show for it in the way of cuisine? Not much. Not even enough in Colorado as far as we were concerned, but perhaps a little better.

Hello Anthony's Place!

So here's your chance to see what all the hullabaloo is about. It's a bit of a haul for us folks in NE Tarrant, but worth the journey. Anthony's is all things New Mexican cooking, but it's not perfect by any means. In fact, it doesn't hold a candle to some of Santa Fe's best, but even middle of the road New Mexican cooking is better than many cuisine's best offerings.

My main gripe with Anthony's is that for a place that lives and dies by the green chile, the spice is way too tame. They seem to be giving into the locals. Those that claim it's too hot so they can't taste it - and all that silliness. I've already given that lecture in the Fernandez Cafe posting, so I won't bore you again with it. Note to Anthony's: Blow their head off with some heat! It's addicting, and you'll have junkies at the door begging for more. And that's good for longevity.

So if you already love New Mexican food, you will be satisfied with Anthony's Place. if you've never had New Mexican food, then Anthony's is a good place to start. Make sure you order something with green chile in it, or you might be missing out on the experience.

We've only been a couple of times, spread over two years. I have to fit them into my work schedule, which can be very difficult normally. They have strange hours of operation, so call ahead to see when they're open (817 - 378-9005‎). Generally they're open during the weekdays for lunch, sometimes dinner. No lunch on Saturday's unfortunately. Anthony's is on Meacham Blvd, just west of I-35W, a few blocks east of Meacham Field.

Last visit: February 2009


cd0103 said…
I don't think of this place, but it should definitely be on my dining rotation.

They have a steak with pepper and onions on their regular menu that is to die for.

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