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Flip's Patio Grill ~ Grapevine, Texas

Last visit: June 2017
Last update: December 28, 2017

Been ages since we revisited Flip's, but we did so this past summer. Mrs. RJG claims there was a smell in the restaurant, like an overpowering cleaning agent. That's the death knell for her. Honestly I barely smelled it and enjoyed my experience. But do we go back? Well I would, sure why not. Like many establishments of this sort, they've picked up on the craft beer movement and have decent selection of microbrews to enjoy.

If you're a weary traveler staying near DFW airport, there's a good chance that you'll find yourself tempted to dine on the TX-114 corridor in Grapevine (may we suggest Tolbert's instead for a more "local" experience?). The Main Street and William B Tate exits are a shrine to corporate eateries, many of them publicly traded on the stock exchanges back in NEW YORK CITY (get a rope). Other than the Dallas based Tex-Mex institution known as El Fenix (and probably its worst locati…

Tommy's Hamburger Grill ~ Fort Worth-TX

As with Kincaid's, you really don't need the Regular Joe's Guide to direct you to Tommy's, as this is one of Ft. Worth's most respected burger institutions (since 1983). Tommy's frequently makes the Best Of lists in multiple newspapers and guides - anything from the widely circulated Star-Telegram to your local Sub Sandwich Times.

Our first visit was anything but a "Best Of" experience. The problem was not the quality of food, for if it had been, there might not have been a repeat visit. No, rather it was the service. Or lack thereof. For we waited exactly one hour to be served our hamburger AFTER being seated. That's an excruciatingly long time to wait when you're hungry - especially for what is basically fast food. It was quite simply a very poorly handled situation. They were busy, that we could see, but no expectations were set. We were just ignored for the most part. I resisted speaking of that experience alone for this blog, because ever…

***CLOSED*** Anthony's Place ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Having lived in Colorado for 10 years, the wife and I became spoiled with the abundance of Mexican food that thrived in the area. But you say "We have plenty of Mexican dining options in DFW too - there's practically one on every corner!" Ah, so true, but how many of them have cooked in the fine art of New Mexican food? You can count them on less than one hand.

When we say New Mexican, we do not mean Nuevo Mexican, but rather the type of food that is worshiped in the great state of New Mexico. Any trip to Santa Fe or Albuquerque is not complete until you've devoured a spicy green enchilada.

New Mexican food is all about the shrine to the Great Green Chile that rules the arid plains. That stimulating and torrid fruit that is grown in great numbers throughout the state. Google green chile (as spelled) and see what you get - go on do it. Keyword: New Mexico. Pilgrimages are made to acquire the best chiles around. And many are spicy, almost ridiculously so. And that alon…

***CLOSED*** Al's Famous Dogz & Burgers ~ Hurst, Texas

It's been a few years since my first visit to Al's. I must say that my debut experience was a bit underwhelming, but I was determined to try it one more time. And that time has now come and gone. And little has changed as far as my perception, except maybe the prices.

A few years back, Al's was one of those "everything is 89 cents" kind of places. And it's true what they say, you get what you pay for. It was forgettable. Wisely, they gave up on that concept and have improved the quality of their product, and the prices are still DARN cheap, but no longer is anything under a $1.

So what's the problem then? Well, it's not that there's anything wrong with Al's per se, but their burgers are kind of... well... bland. The meat doesn't have much seasoning, and the bun seems to be added at the end, right out of the bag. So other than the low cost, there isn't a compelling reason to go here, especially considering the stiff competition in the a…