Italian Bistro ~ Roanoke, Texas

Last visit: May 2015
Last attempted visit: February 2018
Last update: March 11, 2018

We hadn't been to Italian Bistro in Roanoke in awhile, so we decided to pop on up, and then we discovered they are no longer BYOB. Well that blows! I was kind of iffy on these guys anyway (especially after being denied because of a Holiday party a couple of years back), but now we have no reason to go there. So we took our bottle of red and went up to Palermo's in Bartonville instead. And it was delicious. And that's how one loses business... We're not likely to return now.

One Italian place the RJG hasn't written about, but is quite popular amongst many in NE Tarrant County is Cafe Italia in Grapevine (since rectified). We've been to Italian Bistro in Roanoke twice now (and many times after), and I could swear this is Cafe Italia's third location. Without having an opportunity to interview the owner, I would be willing to testify there's a connection or shared ownership involved here.

It's been awhile since we wandered up north to Denton County and their little SW outpost of Roanoke. We last mentioned the town in the C&A Italian Family Deli almost a year ago (long gone now). For the wife and I, it feels like a trip out in the country, and even though the area is truly a bedroom community, Roanoke has gone to great lengths to make it seem like an old, small rural Texas town. Babe's and The Classic Cafe are its most famous daughters, but the other restaurants are well worth visiting too.

Like 90+% of the Italian restaurants in the area, Italian Bistro are Balkan owned and share many similarities with their restaurant brethren. Honestly there's not much about the food I can speak to that I haven't already covered here or here or here and a few others. So it's a matter of location / convenience basically. Even though Italian Bistro might not be the most original of Italian restaurants in our area, for what they do, they do it right. It's a pleasant restaurant, with good service, and consistently good (and hot) meals.

One other observation: On both our recent visits, we noticed at least two separate parties of women (all ages). Italian Bistro seems to be the restaurant of choice for girls-night-out! So ladies, you might want to consider it for your next restaurant venture. Besides, it's nice to get out into the country once in awhile.

You'll find Italian Bistro on Byron Nelson Blvd, east of US 377 (go through old town if coming from NE Tarrant and turn right at the end of the street).


cd0103 said…
I have worked in the area since 1996 (fyi- I live near DT Fort Worth).
I love this little place. Nothing over the top good, but the same staff has been there since it opened. Just love it.

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