Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburger ~ Euless, Texas

Review of new Keller location here!

Freddy's Frozen Custard is exactly the type of regional chain the RJG loves. Started only a few years ago in Wichita, Kansas, the chain has slowly expanded in a circumference, with a stronger market penetration to the south and west, naturally enough since it's following population trends. Texas has been a key focus area for them starting in San Antonio and working their way up.

Freddy's seems to have modeled their chain after two different, but iconic, Midwest concepts: Steak & Shake and the proliferation of Custard stands in Kansas and Missouri (Sheridan's, Fritz's, Ted Drewes, etc...) This blend has proven to be a hit, and Freddy's continues to grow at a rapid rate despite a deep recession. And its no surprise why: The food here is great, and offered at a good value. One reason for both of these qualities to remain true is that Freddy's is still a relatively small independently run chain, where the owners maintain full control. Let's hope it stays that way. Steak & Shake was once like this, but they lost their way years ago when they went to the public markets, and thus had to answer to the demands of shareholders and Wall Street - none of which has to do with food and all to do with profit. The RJG fondly remembers visiting Steak & Shake's in Missouri when it was still a small chain, and the quality was considerably better in years past. Oh, one other difference between Freddy's and Steak & Shake: Freddy's is traditional fast food, where you order up at the counter, rather than at a table with waitstaff.

So what is Freddy's signature burger called? A "steakburger". Does that sound familiar? And it's very similar to the Steak & Shake creation, as it's a very thin and crispy burger with a wonderful seasoned taste. Based on the price alone, I figured a double would be the right size, and it was, though I could even imagine having a triple, the patties are so thin. The last time I had a triple burger, I was a teenager with an endless appetite! Anyway, if you're a fan of thin burgers (you notice the RJG is a fan of ALL burgers), then Freddy's is a must stopover. On a second visit, this time with the Mrs., I tried the recommended California Steakburger. Presumably this is Freddy's answer to In-N-Out Burger, since it contains fresh lettuce, tomatoes, gooey American cheese and "Freddy's sauce", generally known as a variation on Thousand Island dressing. In the end, it tasted like a Freddy's burger with different toppings, rather than a copycat of the In-N-Out Burger. And that's a good thing. The Mrs. tried the fries, and these are some of the best the RJG has encountered. As the reader suggested, these are "shoestring" fries, with a very crispy texture. And the taste is out of this world. Freddy's has mastered the french fry.

And for dessert, of course I had to have one of their concrete's! A concrete (invented at Ted Drewes in St. Louis if I'm not mistaken), is a frozen custard mixed with other ingredients and blended so thick, that when you turn it upside down, nothing moves. The strange thing is - it's actually very smooth, and eventually it begins to melt into a creamy texture. I love 'em myself. Like most custard stands, they have two basic flavors (chocolate and vanilla) and you can add any one mix-in or flavoring for free. I had chocolate with a coffee flavor. Mmm-mmm-mmm, I'm going over there right now....

The Euless location is at TX-121 and Glade, which is a massive shopping center, with all 4 corners stocked full of shops and restaurants. And you need a map to know which suburb you're in. Basically if you're south of Glade, it's Euless. The NE corner is Grapevine and the NW is Colleyville. Freddy's is on the service road of TX-121, on the SE corner, thus it's Euless.

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Anonymous said…
I've been a huge fan of Freddy's since they opened the Selma store outside San Antonio. The staff is friendly and helpful and I crave the Single California Steakburger, the Chicago Dog, the shoestring fries with special seasoning, and the Signature Turtle Sundae with hot fudge, hot carmel, and roasted pecans.
RJG said…
I need to try all of those!

Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading.
Anonymous said…
Great burger and wonderful fries. I got the double california steakburger. It was perfect. Was it down with a chocolate and peanut custard. Smiles all over my face. Great place!
Anonymous said…
California burger is great. Never cared for custard till I tried Freddy's. I have only been to the Euless location
I visit the CompUSA a lot, so we stopped by one day. My wife enjoyed the hot dogs, I opted for a cheeseburger. It very much reminded me of Steak and Shake.

The manager gave us free coupons for a custard, so we enjoyed one to go.

It's certainly a place to go back to.
Anonymous said…
Went to the Freddys in Euless texas and found a new place for the entire family. Great prices for great food. Littleore than those fast food places but well worth it. Try the burgees and dogs and then finish it off with wonderful creamy custard. will fall in love too

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