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Palio's Pizza Cafe ~ Colleyville, Texas

November 2012 update:This was one of the very first posts on the RJG. Palio's has since expanded to 20 locations, including Keller. In addition to the below, I plan on meeting a co-worker soon at the Coppell location (which is halfway for us) and I want to try their pasta. At the Keller location, I tried the pizza, and my experience was similar to the review below (right down to the crispness of the crust, or lack thereof). All the same, it will most likely be a regular stop in the future.

Original review 

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and me and the Misses were in the mood for a little pizza, mainly of the individual variety. I first stumbled onto Palio's at their Coppell location, but we didn't eat there always promising to come back someday. Palio's is a mini DFW local chain, primarily based in the far northern Dallas suburbs.

We discussed Colleyville and Hwy 26 in the Bellisimo thread, and Palio's is just down the road in one of the more fancy buildings, …

Recently Closed: Gianni's, Clear Creek Seafood

It always saddens me when I see good quality independent restaurants go belly up. Especially when they drew crowds, sometimes causing a wait. How can it be they close then? There are many reasons of course, mostly on the business side, and so speculation is a fools chase. From time to time, I'll call out some closings, if for no other reason than to reminisce a bit.

Gianni's was an "Italian pizza" type place in Watauga at US 377 and Mid Cities. The pizza is not the more known New York style, but the kind you would get in Europe. Generally coal fired, and served individually. You don't pick the slices up, but rather eat them with a knife and fork. A very thin crust, with gooey cheese and your choice of toppings define the type. The owner of Gianni's learned his craft in South America (I think Argentina if I remember right). It was a quick service restaurant, where you order at the front and they'd bring it to you. They even had live folk singers most nights…

***CLOSED*** Bellisimo Italian ~ Colleyville, Texas

Last update: December 28, 2017  I'll be darned, it's closed. We hadn't been in a long time as well. It's interesting to note that Bellisimo was the RJG's first restaurant post. It was never a favorite, nor a place we frequented all that much. But timing is everything, and we visited here right after starting the blog.

And here was that original review (March 29, 2008):

On Friday night, me and my favorite dining companion Mrs. RJG, wandered over to Bellisimo in Colleyville, right off Highway 26.

Colleyville is definitely one of the more interesting burbs in NE Tarrant County. They're the "old rich" of the area, providing a stark contrast to the nouveau silliness of Southlake or the filthy rich of Westlake. And, as is typical of old money type areas, there's always a run down area or two to go slumming. Texas State Highway 26 provides this thrill. Amongst the aluminum siding plant sheds and farmers markets, there are shut down old Taco Bell's an…

Editorial: Some Basics and Introductions

December 2017 update: Wow! A long time ago. Fun to read all these years later. Seems like a different world almost.

First off, I'm no food critic. That will become painfully obvious for many of you within the first few posts. Coming up with new adjectives to describe a sauce, a texture, a taste, etc... is not what I'm setting out to do. "How delightful it was when I first bit into the thick and wedgy rabbit, slathered in the tangy lime sauce, with a burst of subtle flavors that only a pinenut juice can bring. And the coconut mango pie is to die for! And don't forget to ask for the green leaf tonic".

What I AM attempting to do is to try and keep alive the independent mom and pop restaurant. That perfect place you recommend to friends when they're in town. The place where you'll feel comfortable by yourself or with a group, and have one of the best meals in your life.

I live in Northeast Tarrant county, Texas, and that is the focal point of the blog. We are…