Kincaid's Hamburgers ~ Southlake, Texas

Last visit: February 2018
Last update: June 22, 2016

Kincaid's is as great as ever. Their location in Southlake is probably as close to a "regular" burger stop as can be for us. And why is that? Because this is Mrs. RJG's favorite in the area, and she's really picky about hamburgers. I finally made it to the original Camp Bowie location in Fort Worth last November (2015), and I have to say that the Southlake locale did a fantastic job of replicating the original.

What better way to end the year than a writeup about one of Fort Worth's most endearing institutions? Officially known as Kincaid's Grocery Market and Hamburgers, the Gentry family has been delighting visitors with their unique blend of seasoning for over 40 years. Kincaid's opened in 1946, and as the name suggests, as a local grocery. Starting in 1965, O. R. Gentry began grinding up excess beef and cooking hamburgers for a few cents each. The legend began.

You don't need the Regular Joe's Guide to learn about Kincaid's, and this is one reason I haven't rushed to write about it, even though we eat here at least once a month. Everyone from Texas Monthly to Frommer's to numerous newspapers have recommended Kincaid's to travelers and locals alike who visit Fort Worth. It is frequently mentioned in Top 10 lists for Best Hamburger - sometimes in national polls. Sometimes as "#1 Best in the USA".

And I'm sure my Fort Worth readers are aghast that I highlight the Southlake location when, after all, it is a Fort Worth icon. But since the RJG is based in NE Tarrant, we're quite proud of our local branch. The Southlake location was the local chain's first excursion beyond the original store, opening in late 2004. They did a great job of simulating the original, with shelves of canned goods, long picnic style benches, and the walls painted in a 1950's Chevy Mist Green color. And the "ego walls" are filled with accolades and awards from all corners of the world. It's a large place, and the line moves fast. They even take credit cards now.

And there's good reason why Kincaid's is so popular - it's just flat out a great hamburger. Is it the best we've ever had? Well, maybe not, but it certainly deserves consideration. It's a thick burger, with plenty of unique seasoning that seeps through the entire patty, which is no small feat. The Ore-Ida style fries are also a big favorite.

When arriving, just order at the counter, grab you a park bench, and wait until they scream out your name when it's ready. Pay close attention, as the place is often crowded and noisy. The Southlake location is at the NW corner of Southlake Blvd. and Kimball. Hard to imagine this corner shopping center once housed a humble (not Super) Wal-Mart and its parking lot.

Southlake was Kincaid's first outlet, but they have since grown to 6 stores, including Arlington, Weatherford, and two more in Fort Worth (Alliance and Hulen).

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Katie G said…
As a newcomer to Keller from Birmingham, AL that loves independent restaurants, I love your blog. Have you tried Thai Tina's? Also, what about Chef Pointe Grill? And, Samurai Bistro has suprisingly good (and well-priced) sushi! Would love your reviews on these! Happy New Year!
RJG said…
Thanks so much for your comment Katie!

We did try Thai Tina's when they first opened in Watauga in 2003, and we had a couple of bad experiences. I understand they've since moved onto Ft. Worth, but we haven't been back. Fort Worth Hole in the Wall recommends them though, and he usually steers people right.

We haven't tried Chef Pointe Grill yet, but I do love the concept of a high quality restaurant being in a gas station! Apparently the excellent show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" recently visited there as well.

I'm afraid the RJG aren't fans of sushi, so we'll not be a good guide for that - sorry!

RJG said…
Oh - since you're in Keller - have you tried Sea Siam yet?
Katie G said…
Haven't tried Sea Siam yet, but will soon. Try Thai Tina's again. They still have the Watauga location -- the interior is lacking, but the food is beautifully prepared and we have thought it was very good. Have been going since Oct '08 and usually make it there a couple times/month.

Glad to hear Diner, Drive-ins and Dives made a visit, I think they had been lobbying for that for a while.

Is there any good local Greek food -- like great greek salads, taboulis, hummus and gyros? We were spoiled in Bham, wonderful Greek food, so much that I thought that it was everywhere (not the case!)
RJG said…
Yes, Greek food can be difficult to find here. There's some good places in Dallas, and I've heard about some in Ft. Worth but haven't tried. The only one I know of in NE Tarrant is on Hwy 26, but it seemed more Middle Eastern than Greek - IMO.

One place I recommend, but haven't written in the blog yet, is Veranda Greek Cafe in Las Colinas. It's been a couple of years since I've been, but they have a great lunch buffet! I don't tend to like buffets much, but this one is exceptional.

For more info go here:

Check it out and let me know what you think! I've never been for dinner and have been meaning to take the Mrs. over there for some time.
Anonymous said…
Café Medi on Olive St. in Keller, might fit the bill! Lovely garden area. Leann
RJG said…
Definitely, Leann. That comment is 7 years old :-) Funny enough, we hadn't even been to the one in Hurst at the point of the comment (or it had been awhile). But we do have plans to go to the one in Keller at some point!
John said…
On the topic of burgers, what's your opinion of Charlies way down on Old Granbury Road at I-20? IMO, best burger in town.
RJG said…
I've never been - but now I want to try it!

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