***CLOSED*** Los Alamos Cafe ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Unbeknownst to me, Los Alomos closed shortly after our last revisit. Devastating news, but we weren't the type of customers they needed to stay in business. At best we made it over here once a year from NE Tarrant (it quite simply was not anywhere close to where we live). In the RJG's opinion, they had the best salsa in town. I hope the salsa (or restaurant) resurfaces at some point.

Lately, Mrs. RJG and I have been just going to our favorites in NE Tarrant, many of which we've already written about in these pages. So this Labor Day weekend, we figured it was time to venture out again and try a new place. Using my patented Random Restaurant Generator, and a bit of careful weeding out, we ended up at Los Alamos near the Stockyards. To be exact, 14th and N. Main near Marine Park. Strangely enough, Google Maps will send you South to near Magnolia. That's entirely wrong...

Located in an old brick building, with a tile roof, Los Alamos is a welcoming place. Once inside, you know it's a Regular Joe's Guide mecca. The zarape curtains alone are worth going to see. It's a small one room dining area, with a large flat paneled screen TV against the lone solid wall.

Once the two salsas were delivered, Mr. RJG knew he was in the right place. Served in molcajete like bowls, I first sampled the pureed red. Oh, delicious!!! Spicy, with lots of garlic, and the right texture. Then I dipped in the green. It's even hotter - way hotter. A mix of blended jalapenos and maybe avocados? It was outstanding, like no other sauce I've had before. So nice to get a blazing hot sauce without having to ask for it. Most establishments don't even have one. And a word about the chips. Homemade corn chips, that were both crisp and tasty. In fact, I wouldn't even need sauce and I'd be happy with the flavor. Mrs. RJG and I wolfed down one basket of chips and another was promptly delivered. We usually have a "one basket rule" to keep our waistlines reasonably slim (actually Mrs. RJG maintains a model's body, while Mr. RJG does his best not to get fat). But we couldn't resist eating into the second basket. It's been ages since the chips and salsa routine made me this happy.

As stated before, when the chips and salsa are good, then the meal generally follows in the same fashion. I had the enchilada plate. One thing Mr. RJG hates is the "tray of enchiladas", where my order is sliced out and served within two minutes of ordering. Not so at Los Alamos. These were cooked to order, on a sizzling plate and the cheese still bubbling. I had one beef and one cheese. The ground beef was spiced nicely. The rice was also very tasty and cooked just right, not mushy or under cooked as I've come to expect. The beans were the only weakness, tasting like regular refried beans with little flavor. No biggee, I'll go with double rice next time. Besides it's healthier.
Mrs. RJG got the chorizos with eggs. She loved the chunks of potatoes and the flavor of the sausage. She also disagrees with me and said the beans are great. So what do I know anyway?

The owner, who is extremely nice, says they no longer sell alcohol but you're welcome to bring your own. We'll do just that next time, bringing in our favorite cerveza. For this visit we had diet sodas, which is fine.

According to the menu, the place has been around since the 1950's. Not sure if at that location, or a continual restaurant since then, but there's a heritage that goes back that far. They're mainly a breakfast and lunch type of joint.

Nice review here:
"Staff choice: Los Alamos Café, 1446 N Main St, FW
Some variance occurs when fresh jalapeños are blended daily in a family recipe to make some of the North Side’s tastiest green salsa. The japs at Los Alamos aren’t scientifically cloned to perfection, so their spiciness fluctuates. Occasionally the green salsa is too hot. Once in a blue moon it’s downright mild. Sometimes it’s too thin. Most of the time it’s just right — thick, green, spicy, and flavorful. When it’s right, it’s the best in town." - FW Weekly - 2003

Last visit: November 2009


lenexasmith said…
The Posole and Menudo are also first rate. Of the 6 Meundo's that I sampled in Tarrant, theirs was the best.
cd0103 said…
I am always on a look-out for good Posole. Will go try soon.

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