Nonna's Trattoria ~ Geneva, New York

From Manheim, PA where we had spent the night before, we drove through York and onto Gettysburg to see the Civil War monuments. Afterwards we drove north through the Susquehanna Valley area and mountains where we had lunch (to be covered in the final summary), into New York, through Corning, visited a winery and finished in the Finger Lake town of Geneva.

For dinner, we altered our plans, as we both noticed an appealing looking Italian restaurant called Nonna's Trattoria across the street from our hotel. We arrived and noticed a small crowd waiting for a table. So we stood at the hostess stand and awaited patiently to put our name on the list. 2 minutes nothing. 5 minutes nothing. Oh sure there were waitresses in the dining room, who could see us in plain view. There was a bar to the left as well. 8 minutes nothing. 10 minutes. Another couple walks in and asks us if there's a wait. We said we think so, but not sure, since no one has spoken to us yet. They left. We waited another 5 minutes and our patience ran out. We left. 15 minutes and no one said so much as welcome, we're busy, we'll be with you in a few minutes. Nothing. Nada. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU NONNA'S TRATTORIA? You don't want business or what? Fine, when you do go out of business, don't act surprised. Zero customer service leads to a boarded up restaurant. Everyone who is reading this that happens to visit Geneva, NY - don't go to Nonna's Trattoria. They don't want your business.

But things happen for a reason... and we are forever grateful for their inability to run a restaurant... to be continued....


Anonymous said…
we coulda been the couple you mentioned. same exp. diff. night. there was a place back in town that was great so it worked out. next time try halsy's for a nice sit down or red dove inn for something more relaxed. ended up staying an extra night here before heading to the Glen because there was so much going on. the locals we talked to weren't impresed with the tratorria either.
Mr. Jose said…
Interesting! I suspect there may be many who experienced this kind of rude treatment then. The date of the post is not the actual date we were there. It would've been sometime in mid July that we were there. "There" being a relative word. LOL.

Thanks for the comment and suggestion!
Anonymous said…
hmmm, we were seated without much of a wait, but proceeded to be ignored by the waitstaff for over 20 minutes until we took the initiative of flagging a waitress down. Service deteriorated from there, culminating in a waitress other than our own dumping the check on the table without excuse or comment. OK food, lousy service.

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