Albany Pump Station ~ Albany, New York

The next day in Tupper Lake we had a charming “continental breakfast” at our motel. Consisting of coffee and a wrapped powder donut – I’m pretty sure it’s the first powdered donut I've had in 20 years. Afterwards we drove out of the Adirondack Mountains, down to the state capital of Albany, where we arrived at lunch time (could it be a coincidence? Ya think?). Per original plan, we headed to a local brewery / brewpub called the Albany Pump Station just on the outskirts of downtown and the Capitol building. The Albany Pump Station resurrected an old brewery from the past called C.H. Evans Brewing Company. We had such great success with the Appalachian Brewing Company, that we were hoping for a repeat performance. And did it succeed? Well, sort of. Mr. RJG gives it a thumbs up. Outstanding brew (the Quackenbush Blonde) and I went for the cheeseburger, always a good choice at a brewpub. Great seasoning, well cooked, high quality meat, excellent toppings, and just the right amount of grease. For me a pleasurable experience all around. But Mrs. RJG didn't agree (the first time we disagreed about the meal quality on this trip). She enjoyed the beer and all was going well until she got her deli sandwich. With Jreck's fresh on her mind, I think she was expecting something similar. What she got was, in her words, something that she could get at the grocery store. Something along the lines of plain bread and Sysco cold cuts. I can’t say for sure, but it didn't look too inspiring to me either. Her point was why bother to offer a sandwich if it’s something you can get pre-wrapped at 7-11. Can’t argue with that! So we’re chalking it up to she “got the wrong thing”, and if there’s a second visit to Albany, she’ll try something else.



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