Grapevine Subs and More (fka Cero's Heros) ~ Grapevine, Texas

July 2013 update: They've now torn down the dilapidated strip center behind Grapevine Subs, but fortunately left the 1950s era structure as a standalone. I'm sure Grapevine will build something much more appropriate in the empty lot.

February 2012 update:  These photos are from the old Cero's Heroes, but as noted below, the quality has remained the same. On my last visit, I had the Italian with the spicy mixture. Grapevine Subs exclusively uses Boars Head meats. Now to me, a sandwich is only as good as the toppings and the bread. Anyone can put Boars Head meat between two slices of bread. And here's where Grapevine Subs exceeds. The soft chewy French Roll and the spicy mixture are very good, adding the right amount of tartness to the sandwich.

April 2011 update: Cero's Heros is now called Grapevine Subs and More. It's the RJG's opinion that the sandwich is pretty similar to before, though not quite as large and messy. One reviewer on Urbanspoon has already expressed their disappointment (though they hadn't tried the original to be fair). We still give it a thumbs up!

Original review

Since we're on a roll (so to speak) with Grapevine destinations, I thought this would be a good time to slip in Cero's Heros, a Regular Joe's Guide mecca if I ever saw one.

You may recall that Mr. SS and I were bemoaning the dearth of quality submarine places in NE Tarrant, which gave us the perfect justification to head up to Roanoke and go to the wonderful C&A Italian Family Deli (now closed). In that post I mentioned Weinberger's and Cero's Heros.

Cero's Heros sits at the entrance to old town Grapevine at the corner of Northwest Hwy and Main St. The place is over 40 years old, and looks every bit of it (see photos). The building is nothing more than an aluminum siding circumference, with a window in the middle. A rickety awning sits over it to protect customers from the oppressive heat and other weather, and there are a smattering of old Grapevine Independent School District desks to sit in. You of course could take it to your car, but that will require an extra trip to the carwash afterwards. Yep, the sandwiches are that big, and that messy. They only offer a handful of sandwiches, all piled high with meats, lettuce, tomatoes, dressings and condiments. I usually end up with the spicy Italian, which lives up its name. And ensures garlic breath the rest of the day. The bread is thick and chewy, the ingredients all top notch, and the flavor is distinctly Cero's Heros. This place is a must for you followers of the Regular Joe lifestyle. I try to journey here at least once a month during the work week, but usually fall short. This is not a Mrs. RJG kind of place, so while in this part of town, Tolbert's gets more of our attention during weekends and evenings.


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Anonymous said…
I made it back to Cero's for the first time in a long time this weekend and it was still as great as I remember. The International, spicy, on wheat.
Anonymous said…
I *live* in Grapevine and never think to go there because they only open for lunch... why not dinner hours?
Anonymous said…
My family is from Grapevine, Tx in fact my mom worked at the drive in when she was a teenager, that eventually became Cero's Hero's. Thus the old dive looking building as so many people seem to refer it as. The building in my opinion is a Grapevine tradition! As far as the sandwiches at Cero's, they are fabulous!! Don't judge a book by it's cover. I haven't been since it's changed owner's and name's but if it's anything like the old place I'll definately be back. I don't live in Texas anymore but everytime I think of Cero's Hero's my mouth water's and I can still remember how wonderful they were.

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