Chapps Cafe ~ Keller, Texas

Last visit: February 2017
Last update: September 21, 2015

Chapps is another place we probably take for granted. We've been coming here since we first moved to NE Tarrant in early 2003. I suspect they had opened not long before us arriving. In any case, we still love their hamburgers!

We feel that Chapps has the perfect recipe for burgers. Excellent seasoning, on the salty side, with plenty of fresh ingredients as toppings (which you can choose from). I tend to break from the norm, and ask for raw onions over grilled, but otherwise I stick to the usual cheese, lettuce, pickles, and mustard. The fresh baked buns are also quite good. A single cheeseburger is more than enough, and I don't even think they offer a double (believe me, that would be way too much). They have a smaller burger called a Baby Chapps, and naturally Mrs. RJG goes for that, plus the Baby Chapps comes with fries as part of the price (otherwise it's extra). I usually eschew fries in general, and eat a handful from the spouse's plate - and they are hand cut, fried to perfection, and very tasty. They also have very good hot dogs and chicken sandwiches that we've tried in the past. They keep the menu simple, always a plus as far as we're concerned.

You'll find Chapps in a strip center fronting the Keller Town Center, at the southeast corner of Keller Parkway and Rufe Snow (next to the Starbucks and Pizza Hut). The restaurant itself is a throwback to the 1960s diners, with vinyl booths and checkered floors, and is quite pleasant. It's quick service, so order up, grab a drink, take a seat, and they'll bring it out usually in about 5 minutes. You can hear them grilling your burgers!

Chapps first opened in downtown Arlington in 1984 (back when the RJG was still a college lad!). They currently operate 7 locations, mostly in Tarrant County. Us denizens of the northeast portion can choose between Keller and NRH. The Keller locale is more convenient for the RJG.

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PC Doctor said…
I love Chapp's. I have been to the one in Bedford several times and the one on 360 a few times.

I just saw that we got one over in NRH, finally. I can't wait to visit it.

Those cajun fries are amazing.
Mr. Jose said…
Ah cool! Didn't realize they had one in NRH. Thanks for the comment.
PC Doctor said…
Darn you!

I *had* to go there last night after reading your blog.

Man, it was greatness, though. It's in the Hometown area off of 26, right next to Rise and Dine and across the parking lot from Firehouse Subs (which, BTW, is pretty good)

Keep up the good work.
Mr. Jose said…
LOL - glad I could assist :-)

I haven't tried Firehouse Subs. I've seen them around in various cities in the Southeast. I didn't realize they were in NE Tarrant either... So I'll check them out!

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