Editorial: Some Basics and Introductions

December 2017 update: Wow! A long time ago. Fun to read all these years later. Seems like a different world almost.

First off, I'm no food critic. That will become painfully obvious for many of you within the first few posts. Coming up with new adjectives to describe a sauce, a texture, a taste, etc... is not what I'm setting out to do. "How delightful it was when I first bit into the thick and wedgy rabbit, slathered in the tangy lime sauce, with a burst of subtle flavors that only a pinenut juice can bring. And the coconut mango pie is to die for! And don't forget to ask for the green leaf tonic".

What I AM attempting to do is to try and keep alive the independent mom and pop restaurant. That perfect place you recommend to friends when they're in town. The place where you'll feel comfortable by yourself or with a group, and have one of the best meals in your life.

I live in Northeast Tarrant county, Texas, and that is the focal point of the blog. We are located northeast of Ft. Worth, TX, close to the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport. It's suburban hell. Where the fake blond Mom's take their 2 1/2 kids to elementary school in a Hummer, while talking on the cell phone to their "best friend" with the dogs barking incessantly out the window. Dad's cut the grass on Friday night, because the subprime mortgage they took out is upside down, and they'd rather listen to the lawnmower than their screaming wife complaining they can't meet with the Wilsons at The Cheesecake Factory. These people aren't happy unless they're standing in line with an ashtray coaster with flying saucer lights and a buzzer.

I grew up in Dallas, so you can expect quite a bit of coverage of that area as well. And we did about a 10 year spell in Colorado, before relocating back to the DFW area.

I've been married for many years, and eating out is a favorite activity for the wife as well. You can expect her thoughts will also grace these pages.

OK - I hope to keep this fun and, most importantly, that you the reader find a new favorite restaurant!


Anonymous said…
I'll be curious what you find!
Brandon said…
I love your blog! Keep up the good work.

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