Palio's Pizza Cafe ~ Colleyville, Texas

November 2012 update: This was one of the very first posts on the RJG. Palio's has since expanded to 20 locations, including Keller. In addition to the below, I plan on meeting a co-worker soon at the Coppell location (which is halfway for us) and I want to try their pasta. At the Keller location, I tried the pizza, and my experience was similar to the review below (right down to the crispness of the crust, or lack thereof). All the same, it will most likely be a regular stop in the future.

Original review 

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and me and the Misses were in the mood for a little pizza, mainly of the individual variety. I first stumbled onto Palio's at their Coppell location, but we didn't eat there always promising to come back someday. Palio's is a mini DFW local chain, primarily based in the far northern Dallas suburbs.

We discussed Colleyville and Hwy 26 in the Bellisimo thread, and Palio's is just down the road in one of the more fancy buildings, designed in the faux-old style that's so prevalent in these parts. In fact, these guys have the FAUX idea down, as they managed to cram as many 1920s to 1950s era European paintings as could fit. All of these no doubt purchased from the local furniture wholesaler. In other words, it's a nice gathering place.

We went with the "small" which are slightly larger than typical "individual" pizzas, but the smallest they have. No complaints from either of us. Mrs. RJG went for the Hawaiian (too fruity for me) as I went for a traditional sausage, later regretting that I had the option for "Italian sausage". OF COURSE I want Italian sausage. Oh well, next time. If I had a complaint, it's I would prefer a little more crispness in the crust. But a minor detail, and that may change from visit to visit.


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Sandra said…
I LOVE Palio's! Their pizza is delicious, and they have practically perfected Gluten Free pizza crust. I can't distinguish it from the glutenous kind. Thank you, Palios for bringing pizza back into our lives. YUM YUM YUM!

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